Converting the Jews of Cairo

On Paper

A few years ago I cam across 6 full years (1905-1910) of a mysterious magazine called “Jewish Missionary Intelligence” in the Oxfam in Cambridge. It was published by the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews.


It was the in house journal of the society that worked across the world trying to convert Jews to Christianity. The magazine was primarily intended to show the readers the good work and successes that the Christians were having among the Jews. However, the were also sympathetic to the plights of the Jews in a way not directly connected to proselytising. They spoke out against Pogroms in Eastern Europe and were very supportive of the Jewish refugees to the UK. One of the priests in 1905 contributed this poem in support of the refugees.


Perhaps the most interesting thing is that these journals are a fascinating document of early 20th century Jewish communities…

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